Statement regarding MYClixie

Following the discovery of a severe bug, we have decided it is in our best interest to remove the download links for the time being. If you currently have MYClixie v1.0.2.3 installed on systems running Windows 95, we strongly recommend you to uninstall the program. Our technicians are working to pinpoint the issue and release a patch. In the meantime, we will be focusing our Customer Service team on emailing customers directly. If you have any unrelated issues, you may still email us.

Thank you for your patience & support for MYClixie.

- XCO Software Development & The MYClixie Team

Say Hello to Clixie!

MYClixie is a virtual friend for your computer! As your very own desktop assistant, she is fully equipped to browse, email, search, compose documents, keep a schedule, and SO much more.

Frequent updates keep her running smooth as butter & streamlining your workload!

An Assistant Like No Other!

MYClixie comes with advanced artificial intelligence and voice simulation software, allowing you to talk to her and expand her vocabulary! No worries about needing a microphone- simply type in a provided text bar, and she will respond just the same. :)

Not to worry if you aren't a Windows user- our talented technicians have recently helped her become compatible with Mac OS!

Best of all, she's completely 100% free!

System Requirements:

16MB of RAM, 11MB of Free Disk Space

Windows 9x, NT 4, ME, Win2000 / Mac OS 8.5.1

Sound Card

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